Vintage Advertising Poster is the result of a personal work on behalf of a friend.

My friend found a jpg file of an old poster and he taught me.
The poster image was really run down, missing a few pieces, had lost color and had many stains. And the file was really small and low resolution.
He asked me to make a digital restoration to print and frame it in a large size and hang it in your living room on the couch.
I initially refused because the image was really difficult to restore.
I was looking for other similar thematic posters in better condition and showed them to my friend.
But he insisted. His girlfriend wanted that special poster above his couch. That poster and not another.
It was really a hard and long work. But I did and enjoyed it.

He went to a local printer with our restored file and requested a copy in a good printing paper for art. My friend also took the printed poster to frame.

After a few days my friend invited me to dinner at his house to show me the result. And really see the printed poster, framed and hung on the couch I enjoyed it and was really decorative.
When I got to dinner at his house, I found a happy friend, his girlfriend happy.

Coming out of this dinner I had part of their happiness and a new project running through my mind: Vintage Advertising Poster.

This is history and this website the result of many months of work and hopefully many more years.

Working on Vintage Advertising Poster

Who’s behind the scenes?

Gabriel T Toro

I am the person who is behind this project. Yes, the same as it was for dinner that night at a friend’s house and his girlfriend.

For over 30 years my basic work has been the freelance graphic design and began working on web design when the technology for this time came.

Currently I am almost exclusively to painting and took some years using digital media to sell my paintings in print shops online.

But that dinner and my love for graphic design made me start this project and I’m really enjoying it.
Each poster is a challenge for me and a great lesson of classic graphic design work that we did by hand, with ruler, angle, bevel, compass and Rottring.

I also invite you to visit my website painting, I think if you’re here is because you have sensitivity and love for art.

Thank you for your visit.


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